What are the spending limits on Habbo?

Spending limits for Habbo are as follows:

Purchasing from Brazil via Paymentez: R$ 150,00 per transaction

Purchasing by SMS
From the UK: The limit is GBP 20 per month.
From Australia: The limit is AUD 132 per week.
From New Zealand: The limit is NZD 60 per week.
From Canada: The limit is CAD 20 per week.
From Singapore: The limit is SGD 40 per week. (Starhub prepaid is not supported)
From Malaysia: The limit is RM 60 per week
From Ireland: The limit is EUR 150 per week.
From the Philippines: The limit is PHP 1000 per week.
From India: The limit is INR 1500 per week.
From Hongkong: The limit is HGK 240 per week.

Purchasing by Credit/Debit Card or Paypal
USA: a total of USD 89,85 per SEVEN DAY PERIOD.
CANADA: 4 transactions (per card) per 24 hours for a total of CAD 127,50.
(Please note that the spending limit for Credit card payments through Internet Secure is CAD 300 per transaction)
UK: 4 transactions (per card) per 24 hours for a total of GBP 150.
For Malaysia, the Philippines, New Zealand or the US the spending limits are 4 transactions per 24 hours for a total of US 89.95. For Credit Card purchases made from Australia, there is a limit of AUD 85 within an seven day period.

Purchasing by Paysafecard:
From UK: GBP 150 per week
From Ireland: EUR 150 per week

When purchasing via Credit Card from Singapore, 4 transactions per card for a maximum for SGD 300 within a 7 day period are allowed.
When purchasing via Payclick from Australia, the transaction limit is AUD 60 per day.

Due to verification issues, you will not be able to use a prepaid credit card.

Always ensure that you have the permission of the bill payer before buying Habbo Credits. All of your accounts will be permanently banned if you make unauthorized purchases.

All legitimate ways to buy Habbo Credits are on our website’s Shop page and in the in-game shop’s ‘Premium’ section. Buying them elsewhere could get you ripped off and MAY get you banned.

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