Habbo 2020: Vaults

What are vaults?

When you get credits, in some situations they will go to your vault instead of your purse. You can withdraw credits from your vault at any time, or unlock the vault permanently (see below.)

Whether or not the credits you get are vaulted depends on how you got the credits:

  • Real money credit purchases and voucher code redeems will never go to your vault.
  • Credits earned or won – for example from avatar level progression and achievement rewards – are always deposited in your vault. However, they are shown and collected in the earnings window first so that you know what you’re getting.
  • Other cases: credits go primarily to your purse, but if your total credit amount (counting both the credits in your purse and vault) goes over 500, the exceeding part goes to your vault instead. The credits already in your purse are not affected, even if they go over the limit.
  • Credits you withdraw from your vault will go to your purse permanently.

The limit check and vaulting happens when the credits are about to go to your purse, not when earning to the pending earnings.


How do I withdraw credits from the vault?

Open the earnings view and click the button to withdraw your credits from your vault. You can only withdraw the full amount contained within your vault, not specific amounts. Note that the credits are taxed at this point; the tax percentage will depend on how many credits you had in your vault.

As noted above, credits withdrawn from the vault don’t loop back to the vault, no matter what your credit balance is.


What about all of the credits my avatars have already?

We’re not touching any old credits gained before the introduction of vaults - you’re free to do whatever you want with them. However, any new credits (and other currencies) you earn from activities after Habbo 2020 is launched will go to your earnings window.


How do I unlock my vault?

When you buy a sufficient amount of credits with real money at once, your vault unlocks permanently. Once you unlock it, all the credits in your vault become withdrawable without being taxed, and all your future credits will go to your purse instead of vault.


Can I unlock my vault without spending real money?

No. For the reasons detailed below, Habbos need to spend real money to unlock their vault.


Why were vaults introduced?

  • Vaults allow us to give credit rewards more freely without worrying so much about alternative account grinding, etc.
  • They keep the economy more lively by encouraging spending credits instead of hoarding them.
  • They limit the benefits of suspicious activities involving big credit transfers.

Old client

Note that as the old Flash client doesn’t have the vault feature, you can’t see yours or withdraw anything from it while using the old client. You’ll find these in the new Habbo 2020 client.


UPDATE 27/10:

Will credit furni go straight to my vault, or my purse?

If you unlocked your vault, credits gained from credit furni will go to your purse. If you haven’t unlocked it, depending on how many combined credits are in your purse and vault, the credits may go to your vault. Check the above FAQs to find out more about the limits and restrictions associated with locked vaults.

Please note that credits gained from traded credit furni will go to the Marketplace section of the earnings window.


UPDATE 17/11/20:

Do credits I get from Marketplace sales go to my vault?

Credits earned from Marketplace sales will go from your earnings window to your vault if it’s locked and you have over a total of 500 credits in your vault and purse. If you choose to keep your vault locked, you can avoid Marketplace earnings being vaulted by keeping this combined number of credits below 500. (Note that any excess credits that cause the combined balance to go over 500 will be vaulted.)

If your vault is unlocked, credits earned from the Marketplace will ALWAYS go to your purse from your earnings window.


Do credits I get from my HC Payday go to my vault?

 Like credits earned from the Marketplace, they will only go to your vault if the combined number of credits in your purse and vault is more than 500 credits and your vault is locked.

 Unlock your vault to ensure credits from your HC Payday always go to your purse.


Where do credits gained from credit furni go?

 If you have a credit furni in your room and you convert it to credits, those credits are treated the same as credits from Marketplace and HC Payday are treated. The difference is that they’re not collected in your earnings window first.


Whether they go to your vault or purse depends on a) whether you have more than 500 credits in your vault and purse and b) if your vault is unlocked.


UPDATE 15/01/21:

How much will it cost to unlock my vault?

To unlock your vault you need to make a real money cumulative purchase of at least 50 credits. Please note: special offers aren't included.

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