The Habbo 2020 Beta

I’ve seen people both talking about the Habbo 2020 beta in the Hotel and sharing images of it on social media. What is it and why is it taking place?


To ensure Habbo 2020 is as ready for launch as possible, we're getting help from selected Habbos to look for bugs in the new client. This is standard practice in the gaming industry and it’ll help to make the playing experience better when the new client launches.


Can I participate in the beta?

This beta is closed, which means it’s invite only. We may invite other Habbos to participate later, but we cannot confirm whether or not this will happen.


How long will it run for?

We’re not able to confirm how long it’ll run for at the moment.


When will I be able to log into the new Habbo 2020 client?

We plan to release the first version of Habbo 2020 later this year. We can’t confirm specific release dates, however.


Why are so many features, functionality, and furni missing?


Habbo 2020 is far from complete. Due to time constraints we’ve had to prioritise certain features in order to have a playable version of Habbo ready before the removal of support for Flash on major browsers later this year. We’re asking for you to bear with us over the coming months while we continue to develop the game and add as many features – existing AND new – as possible.


What happened to trading?

Habbo 2020 presented the perfect opportunity to make the game more resistant to things like account hacking and fraud with increased taxes on expensive items, but also to make it more fun and fairer to new Habbos. Trading will be done exclusively through the Marketplace in Habbo 2020, and while the functionality to do private, one-to-one trades with Habbos on your friends list has not yet been implemented, it will be in the future.

Also, now that trading is centralised around the Marketplace, we’ll be able to develop and add to the trading as a whole faster further down the line. Make sure to share your suggestions for future improvements to the Marketplace on Twitter using the #Habbo2020 hashtag!


When is private trading going to be available?

We’re aiming to have it ready as soon as possible. Our latest estimate is that it will probably be implemented before summer 2021, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee this.


Will I be able to trade with anyone privately when private trading is released?

No, you'll only be able to trade with Habbos on your friends list. To trade publicly and put your item up for sale for anyone to buy, you’ll be able to use the regular selling function the Marketplace has.


With the new trading changes, how can I receive something someone wants to give to me for free? 

With the new trading system, you cannot receive something for free. When private trading is added, you'll be able to use the Marketplace to receive something from anyone on your friends list, but you will have to give at least some credits back in return, as this is how the Marketplace works.


We understand the importance of the current trading system to fansite and roleplaying activities, and we’re looking into solutions to help sustain and enrich community activity in Habbo 2020.


Why are the beta testers saying the rooms are taking really long to load?

Room loading times are currently far from optimal. The developers are working hard to change this for the launch of the client.


Why did you change the UI and the look and feel of Habbo? I don’t like it.

Rebuilding Habbo from the ground up with Unity provided a great opportunity to improve the user experience for both mobile and desktop users. We 100% understand change is hard and that a lot of Habbos prefer the current look and feel of Habbo, but this is a change we feel is positive for the long term future of the game.

However, Habbo will be under ongoing development for the foreseeable future and we’re actively listening to your feedback about the UI and how the game is presented. Please tag us on Twitter with #Habbo2020 – we ARE listening.

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