Why did you introduce vaults?

Why did you introduce vaults?


With Habbo 2020, we decided we wanted to incentivise levelling up and completing achievements in the game by giving Habbos credits as rewards for doing so.


To ensure that Habbos aren’t able to make multiple different accounts and progress through the early levels to grind extra credits, we had to introduce a feature that would mitigate this. Vaults only give you the full amount of credits you get from completing achievements and levelling your Habbo up if you unlock them.


Why are so many credits deducted when you withdraw credits from your locked vault?


The idea behind vaults is that you unlock them – it doesn’t make sense to withdraw credits from a locked vault because the cost of doing so is so high.


One way to look at it is that unlocking your vault marks you as a verified, trusted, real Habbo who is not using an alt account to unfairly grind rewards for your main account. Once it’s unlocked, you won’t have any deductions taken from credits in your vault when you withdraw them, and all credits will go to your purse.

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