Habbo Camera

Where is the Habbo Camera? I can’t see it in the new Habbo 2020 client.

Building Habbo 2020 with the Unity game engine presented a great opportunity to redesign the Habbo Camera. While redesigning takes time alone, even implementing the camera as it exists today is quite a long process. This is why you can’t see or use it.


Why do you need to redesign the Habbo Camera?

At the moment, the way in which the camera works is inefficient from a technical point of view. Redesigning it allows us to make it more efficient while improving user experience at the same time.


What happens to all of my pictures?

All the pictures you took will remain on the website to look at. Pictures in rooms won’t be visible until we implement photo wall furni later in 2021.

You won’t be able to take any more photos until the camera has been redesigned and implemented.


When will the Habbo Camera be implemented in the new client?

We can’t give specific estimates as so many other things need to be implemented before the camera. We’ll have more news about when the camera and other features will be reimplemented in 2021. Check out the list of currently non-functioning furni FAQ 

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