Private sales on the Marketplace

How do I use the private sales feature?

We added two new tabs to the Marketplace section of the Shop – ‘Private for me’ and ‘My private offers’. You can offer an item up for sale to your friends by selecting it in your inventory and choosing ‘Sell in Marketplace’.

When a friend of yours offers an item to you, you’ll see it in the ‘Private for me’ section of the Marketplace window.

Offers last for 48 hours.


Why did you release the private sales feature?

Sometimes it’s not possible or convenient to meet with a friend to sell them an item they want. Maybe they’re in a different country, in a different time zone and you’re not always online at the same time. Or maybe you’re both busy in different rooms and you’d rather just buy or sell an item to them while doing something else. This feature will help in this sort of situation.

Why can’t I sell privately to anyone, and not just Habbos on my friends list?

This feature is built for friends to buy and sell furni from each other, not strangers. To sell to other Habbos not on your friends list, you can simply put up a public offer on the Marketplace. Or, if you want to buy or sell from complete strangers in, for example, a public trading room (or any room, in fact), you can use the furni-furni trading mechanic.

Is this feature available on the AIR client?

No, it’s not. Long term, our plans are to discontinue the AIR client. New features will be added to the Unity client, and our development efforts are focused almost exclusively there. The AIR client will be maintained for our community to use until it’s eventually discontinued.

While using the Unity client, can I sell to and buy from my friends who are using the AIR client?

No, this isn’t possible and we don’t plan to make it possible.

Why do I have to pay a fee when I sell items to my friends?

Please read our trading and Marketplace FAQ for an answer to this question, and other questions about fees in general.

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