Furni-furni trading using trading tables

How do I use trading tables?

To trade a furni with another Habbo, one of you needs to place a trading table in a room in which the other Habbo is present. You both need to use the trading table, after which the owner can select the Habbo they wish to trade with from a list. This list consists of all Habbos that want to trade with the owner of the table.


Where can I get a trading table from and how much do they cost?

You can get a trading table from a new section of the Shop – ‘Trading tables’. You can find this section in the ‘By type’ category. They cost 10 credits.

Can I still trade without owning a trading table?

Yes. You can trade with someone else if they have a trading table.

Do I need to have a trading table to trade with other Habbos?

Either you or the Habbo you’re trading with needs a trading table, and it needs to be placeable in the room you’re both in.

Can I still trade furni for other furni and give furni to other Habbos for free?

Yes, as we promised in this article, we’re not taking away or changing the two core principles of trading as they currently exist in Habbo:

  1. Being able to exchange any furni for any other furni (excluding non-tradable items, of course).
  2. Being able to give another Habbo furni for free.


Why are the number of slots I have determined by my Travelling Salesman achievement?

We tied the number of slots you have in your trading table to your Travelling Salesman achievement to give a sense of achievement to those Habbos that trade a lot. This is common in gaming and we think it is a positive thing for Habbo.


Check the corresponding limits below:


No levels achieved: 2 slots

Level 1: 4 slots

Level 2: 6 slots

Level 3: 8 slots

Level 4: 10 slots

Level 5: 12 slots


NOTE: you can use the trading table as many times as you want. Having the extra slots just makes bigger trades involving more items easier.

Why couldn’t you leave trading the way it was?

After seeing how important the furni-furni trading mechanic is to the community, we decided to make it a bit more of a fun experience. Having a purpose-built trading table adds a new element and complements Habbo-run activities like rare trading rooms, coin shops, etc.

But that means that you can only trade in rooms where one of the two Habbos who want to trade can put down a trading table. Why are you restricting trading in this way?

Check the answer to the question above: “Why can’t you leave trading the way it was?”

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