General questions about the NFT project

How is this going to affect my gameplay?

We’re looking into making each of the Habbo Avatars we mint usable in-game as a type of avatar ‘skin’. For more information about this plan, please read this guide. If this happens, you may start seeing strange looking avatars around the Hotel. They’ll be wearing an exclusive effect and will probably be wearing at least some clothing items and accessories that aren’t available anywhere else in-game. This is part of the exclusive nature of owning one of the avatars.


We may also introduce other, undecided in-game perks in the future. More information about this will be shared with the Habbo community as the project progresses and matures.



How are Habbo Avatars going to benefit my Habbo experience, and Habbo as a game more broadly?

Firstly, the money raised by the sale of the avatars will be reinvested back into the game. This might be seen in increased amounts of resources for development to quicken progress made with the Unity client, or more resources for the Habbo design team. I.e. more interesting furni and features.


Secondly, in the longer term, if this project is a success, it could be our first tentative step towards a broader ‘play to earn’ gaming model, with blockchain technology and NFTs playing a bigger role in Habbo. It can be argued that the play to earn model is beneficial for players of a game because it gives them much more control over and ownership of some of their in-game assets.



You say on the Habbo Avatars website that you’ve set aside a number of the avatars from the project for the community. What does this mean in practice?

We want to ensure the community can share in the success of the Habbo Avatars project. So, as well as reinvesting the revenues from it back into the game, in the future we will look for ways to actually give some of the avatars to members of the Habbo community.


What this actually means in practice is yet to be decided, but an example could be a chance to win one of the NFT avatars by participating in an in-game activity or giveaway on social media.



Do you have an example of what play to earn could look like in Habbo?

Although we have ideas, there are no concrete plans yet. This is extremely important for our community to recognise and understand! We will inform you about any gameplay changes that come to Habbo.


One example of a way in which we might bring more play to earn elements to Habbo is to introduce more NFT items to the game. These might be bought, earned, won or even obtained as a complimentary gift with an in-game purchase. These would be totally unique items that exist on a blockchain outside of the game, but that are usable in-game, in the same way that the avatars from the Habbo Avatars project would be. The benefit to you as a player is that you would be able to sell any NFTs you own outside of Habbo. You wouldn’t even need to have a Habbo account to sell this sort of item, and the person that buys it doesn’t need to either.

How will any move towards play to earn affect the in-game economy?

Even though we do see Habbo moving further towards a play to earn model, we don’t currently have plans to change the existing trading economy by making existing Habbo items tradable outside the game as NFTs.

Why are you spending time on this and not the Unity client or gameplay additions for the community?

The Habbo Avatars project is a significant but relatively small part of our development team’s workload. Work continues on the Unity client and will not stop or be affected significantly by it. We’ve hired new designers and new developers to ensure the project is adequately staffed and that it doesn’t take too much time from other development projects. It’s important to note that revenue from the sale of the Habbo Avatar NFTs will be reinvested back into the game so we can make it even better for you, the community.

Do you have a roadmap or timescale for the Habbo Avatars project?

We can’t be sure of exact times, but we plan (emphasis on plan) to make the first round of avatars available very soon, almost certainly this year. Further developments and additions to the project will be shared on our new Discord server, and potentially also on the main Habbo websites and social media pages.

What blockchain technology are you going to use in this project, and why?

We’re using Ethereum because at the moment, it’s the most stable and reliable cryptocurrency available for the project we are undertaking. Ethereum is also the technology that most people are using to ‘mint’ NFTs, so it’s the natural choice for us in our mission to make these NFTs as accessible as possible.


One other technology we looked at is Polygon, which also relies on Ethereum but is less energy intensive. However there are some concerns with the security of this technology – not too long ago millions of euros worth of cryptocurrency was drained from Poly Network in a hack.



Why aren’t you making the same website in my language, and not just in English on

We only need one NFT ‘shop’ so we decided to host it on our main website.

Blockchain technology like cryptocurrency, and particularly NFTs, use a lot of electricity. What are you going to do to offset the extra carbon emissions that will accompany the Habbo Avatar project?

Check the Habbo Avatars website to find out how we’re dealing with this side of the project.


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