General questions about the NFT project

How is this going to affect my gameplay?

Habbo Avatars are fully usable in-game. For more information about this plan, please read this guide. So, you’ve probably seen strange looking avatars around the Hotel. They have an exclusive effect and will probably be wearing at least some clothing items and accessories that aren’t available anywhere else in-game. This is part of the exclusive nature of owning one of the avatars.


We may also introduce other, undecided in-game perks in the future. More information about this will be shared with the Habbo community as the project progresses and matures.



How are Habbo Avatars going to benefit my Habbo experience, and Habbo as a game more broadly?

Firstly, the money raised by the sale of the avatars is being reinvested back into the game. This has been seen in increased amounts of resources for development to quicken progress made with the Unity client, and more resources for the Habbo design team. I.e. more interesting furni and features.


Secondly, in the longer term,  the Habbo Avatars drop was our first tentative step towards a broader ‘play to earn’ gaming model, with blockchain technology and NFTs playing a bigger role in Habbo. It can be argued that the play to earn model is beneficial for players of a game because it gives them much more control over and ownership of some of their in-game assets.

Check the Habbo NFT roadmap for more information about the future of the project and how it will integrate with Habbo more broadly.



Do you have an example of what play to earn could look like in Habbo?

Although we have ideas, there are no concrete plans yet. This is extremely important for our community to recognise and understand! We will inform you about any gameplay changes that come to Habbo.


To minimise the effect of any play-to-earn features on the Habbo economy, we plan to create an entirely separate, NFT-focused server. Check the Habbo NFT roadmap for more information about this

Why are you spending time on this and not the Modern client or gameplay additions for the community?

The Habbo NFT team is almost entirely separate from the team that works on Habbo development. We’ve hired new developers, artists and community-focused employees for both products, so Modern client development is unaffected by the Habbo NFT project.

Do you have a roadmap or timescale for the Habbo Avatars project?

Yes, you can find our latest roadmap here.

What blockchain technology are you going to use in this project, and why?

We used Ethereum mainnet for the Habbo Avatars and Habbo Portraits drops because at the moment, it’s the most stable and reliable cryptocurrency available for the project we are undertaking. Ethereum is also the technology that most people are using to ‘mint’ NFTs, so it’s the natural choice for us in our mission to make these NFTs as accessible as possible.


For our NFT item drops (i.e. items that are available to use in Habbo), we decided to go with a layer 2 solution called Immutable X. This service allows us to provide scalable, carbon neutral, gas-free transactions.



Why aren’t you making the same website in my language, and not just in English on

At the moment, we are not translating NFT content into other languages. This could change in the future, however.

Blockchain technology like cryptocurrency, and particularly NFTs, use a lot of electricity. What are you going to do to offset the extra carbon emissions that will accompany the Habbo Avatar project?

Check the Habbo Avatars website to find out how we’re dealing with this side of the project.


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