NFT Giveaway

If I get an NFT, what can I do with it?

At the moment, we’re working on integrating Habbo Avatar NFTs into the game. Our plans are to give Habbo Avatar owners the following perks over the next few months:


  • HC and BC membership for all of your accounts avatars as long as you have a Habbo Avatar NFT in your MetaMask wallet (November).
  • An exclusive NFT sent your MetaMask wallet. Exactly what this will be is yet to be revealed.
  • The ability to use your NFT avatar as a kind of ‘skin’ in the hotel. Each avatar will have an exclusive effect not obtainable by regular Habbos.


We’ll share more information about exactly how these perks will work and when they’ll be implemented when we’re closer to releasing them.

Why have you included requirements to be eligible for a Habbo Avatar NFT?


There are many thousands of people that play Habbo. We’re focused on rewarding active users. If we let absolutely anyone with an account get one of the avatars, it's highly likely that people who don’t even play the game or contribute to the community would be given an avatar. This is something we’re very keen to avoid.

Why are some Hotels getting a bigger allocation of the NFTs than others?


Some Hotels are far bigger and have many more active players than others. We’ve calculated how many NFTs should be distributed on each hotel based on the number of Habbos that are eligible for one.

Can I sell my NFT to someone else?


Yes, you can sell your NFT to someone else. Please bear in mind that the ONLY place to buy an NFT is from You can easily check if an NFT is legitimate by checking if it’s from the verified Habbo Avatars collection:



Can I sell my NFT to other Habbos?


Our filter will prevent anyone from sharing website links in-game, but you can discuss selling Habbo Avatar NFTs in-game. For example, you can say that you are selling your Habbo Avatar NFT and give people the collection number of the NFT – #11576, #546, and so on. This will help potential buyers to find your NFT on


It’s critically important that whenever you view Habbo Avatar NFTs on, you always, ALWAYS check that it’s from the verified Habbo Avatars collection. There are a lot of scammers out there and some of them are very good at what they do.

Can I sell my NFT for real money?


In short: no. NFTs are stored in your MetaMask wallet and to sell them you need to use OpenSea – this is a marketplace specifically for the trading of NFTs. Your MetaMask wallet is what you use to sign into OpenSea; consider your MetaMask wallet as not only a wallet to store cryptocurrency and NFTs, but also as a kind of digital key you can use to get into your OpenSea account.


This in turn means that to sell them, you will always receive a cryptocurrency called Ethereum (ETH) to your MetaMask wallet.


We strongly, strongly advise you ALWAYS use OpenSea to both sell and buy NFTs. Never ever listen to people that say they will transfer you money if you give them your NFT. They are almost certainly trying to scam you!

Does ownership of this NFT allow me to chat on the official Habbo Avatars Discord server?


Yes, but please bear in mind that the server is not for discussion of Habbo community or gameplay issues.


It’s also really, really important to recognise that in order to keep the server moderation manageable, the only language to be spoken there is English. There are a number of other community rules to observe, you can find them in the #community-rules channel.


People who break these rules will be banned from the server permanently.

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