IMPORTANT: Quests do not yet work on the Modern client or the mobile app.


During some events, there will be special quests to complete inside Habbo. These consist of smaller sub-quests that are completed by doing specific things: crafting, chatting, trading, building.


Once completed, quests will often reward you with an item: a badge, a furni, or clothing, or something else entirely.


1. Access the Quests window by clicking the checklist icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen while using the Classic client (see below picture).



2. Once the Quests window is open, select the quest you want to start, and click on “Activate”. If you don’t activate the quest, your progress will not be tracked.




3. Once the Quest is activated, it’ll appear as a different colour in the Quests window, and you’ll be able to see it being tracked on the right-hand side of the screen.



4. Once you’ve completed the sub-quest, you’ll get the below notification:



5. Keep completing all the sub-quests to finish the quest and obtain your reward!


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