MetaMask wallets

MetaMask wallets are needed to do all sorts of things within our ecosystem, but they should mainly be seen as a means to access the Immutable Marketplace and store Premium Collectibles: Genesis Habbo Avatars, Crafted Habbo Avatars, Habbo Portraits, and Habbo X Rooms.

Other uses for MetaMask wallets:

  1. Access to Habbo X
  2. Access to the Habbo Collectibles Shop, crafting, Crafted Avatar creation, and more.
  3. Access to Immutable’s Marketplace / ability to trade furni, clothing, token, add on, and pet collectibles

Using the transfer feature in the Collectors Guild (see below picture), you can move Habbo Collectibles to your MetaMask wallet, and then sell them on the Immutable Marketplace for Ether (ETH), a widely used cryptocurrency.


MetaMask wallets are completely free to download, and can be added to most typical internet browsers as a browser extension or add on. Below, we've listed a step by step process you can follow to create a MetaMask wallet and start using it.

  1. Head to
  2. Install the MetaMask plugin: click “Download” and then select your chosen browser. Once downloaded, the extension will appear and continue to exist in the top right of your browser.
  3. Create a wallet: follow the prompts to create a wallet.
  4. Important: write down your seed phrase on a piece of paper, not on your phone or device! If you want to access your wallet on a different device in the future or forget your wallet’s password, this is the only way to regain access. If you lose your seed phrase, you will lose access to your wallet and any Habbo Collectibles that are inside it forever. No one can help you regain them! Also: NEVER give your seed phrase to ANYONE.
  5. You now have a wallet! You can copy your wallet address from the plugin window – this is how people can send you Habbo Collectibles (see below picture).
  6. Next, head over to the Habbo Collectibles website to connect your wallet to Immutable. All instructions are listed there in English. You will have to "sign" a number of transactions to finish this process.
  7. Once you've connected your MetaMask wallet to Immutable, all you need to do is connect it to your Habbo account. You can do that here.


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