Emeralds (formerly NFTC)

Emeralds are the premium currency of the Habbo Collectibles ecosystem. Premium Collectibles – Genesis Habbo Avatars, Crafted Habbo Avatars, Habbo Portraits, and Habbo X Rooms – all provide their owners with daily Emeralds, claimable from the Collectibles Shop.

Emeralds can be spent on all sorts of things within the ecosystem:

  1. Collectible items: primarily furni and clothing.
  2. Crafting collectible items
  3. Creating Crafted Avatars
  4. Upgrading your Habbo X Rooms
  5. Buying extra Furni Crates from your room’s Furni Factory

How many Emeralds you get from each Premium Collectible

Different Premium Collectibles get different amounts of Emeralds, and different rarities of each type of collectible get different amounts, too.


Note: if your Habbo X room is busier, it’ll get more Emeralds per day than others. You can see precisely how much more it’ll get here.

Selling your Emeralds to other players

One useful aspect of Emeralds is that you can convert specific amounts into actual furni collectibles that you can then sell in the Habbo Tokens section of Immutable’s Marketplace. Denominations available are 100, 500, 1,000, 10,000.

Once you’ve converted your Emeralds into collectibles, not only can you sell them to other players, but you can also display them in your room in Habbo just like other furni collectibles!


To convert your Emeralds into a furni collectible, you must first own enough Emeralds. The smallest denomination available is 100.

You should then visit the Collectibles Shop to convert your Emeralds.


Why are you renaming NFTC as Emeralds?

We felt that as well as moving away from web3-related terminology and jargon, the word Emeralds more closely aligned with the lore and story behind the Habbo Collectibles ecosystem. 


What will happen to my NFTC furni after Emeralds are released in their place?

Nothing will happen to them, you will be able to keep them. 

If you decide to convert them back to actual currency to spend in the Collectibles Shop, they’ll be converted into Emeralds like for like. For example, NFTC 100 will convert directly to 100 Emeralds. The old NFTC furni will not be released anymore and therefore will be limited collectibles themselves. 


How will my Emeralds be represented in-game if I convert them into furni collectibles?

They’ll be represented as Emeralds, not NFTC furni.

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