Habbo Hotel: Origins

Will you release Origins in languages other than English, Spanish and Portuguese?


We don’t have any plans to do this.



What is the age limit for Habbo Hotel Origins?


You must be 18+ to play.



Where can I buy credits?


From the Habbo Hotel Origins website.



I have a problem with my purchase. Where can I get help?


Please visit this page.



Will you re-release items once they have been removed from the Shop?


Unless specified otherwise, items could always return to the Shop.



Will Habbo Hotel: Origins have NFTs?


Nothing to do with NFTs or cryptocurrency will be present in Habbo Hotel Origins on launch, and we have no plans to add them 👍



Is Habbo Hotel: Origins here to stay?


Yes. However, like any product or game it needs to sustain itself in the long term if we are to keep it online.


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