What tools do I have to safely surf Habbo?

On Habbo you’re in control. To help you make your stay in the Hotel a safe and enjoyable one, we’ve created a number of tools for you to take control of each and every situation.  Here’s how they work:

-Ignore button

If another user is bothering you, or you simply do not want to listen to what somebody says, you can silence this person by using the Ignore button. To do this, click on the avatar of the person you want to silence. The Ignore button will appear and once you click on it, the speech from the user in question automatically becomes invisible. 

For more information on the Ignore button tool, please click here.


-Room moderation tools

You’re in control of your own rooms. You get to decide what happens in your rooms and who can visit them. This allows you to play an active part in the general Habbo moderation and to contribute to a safer, enjoyable and responsible community. You have the following tools at your disposal:


This tool removes a user from a room. The user may return to the room, if it is not full or locked.

*Mute room

This tool works in the same way as Mute, but here all Habbos in a room will be muted.


This tool lets you ban a Habbo from your room for a period of time. You can choose between 1 hour, 1 day and permanent (group members can only be banned for one hour or one day).

*Remove Ban

This tool serves to remove a ban previously imposed. If you think you may have been a little harsh and now there’s no one left in your room, this tool will soon sort it out.  

You can let your friends have moderation rights to keep an eye on your rooms, when you’re not around.  For more information about room moderation tools, please click here.


-Control Access to rooms

You decide who gets to visit your room by choosing from the following options:

Open – Any user may enter the room

Password – The room is locked with a password. Only users who have the password can enter.

Invisible -  Users without room rights cannot see the room in the navigator.

You can manage room access settings by clicking Room settings, a control panel that appears in the room to the right of the screen.


-Profile privacy settings

Though Habbos stay anonymous, you can manage your profile settings in Account settings for even more control over your privacy:

Online status - If you don’t want to be seen while connected to the hotel, click Nobody.

Follow me Settings – Only your friends are able to follow you from one room to the next. Nevertheless if you want a quiet moment to yourself, you can click Nobody in these settings. This way nobody will know where you are.


-Safety lock

On Habbo you have the option to protect your account from unwanted access. If you think your account has been compromised, we’ll block it. All main features such as trading furni will be disabled until the account has been unblocked. You can activate the safety lock in Account settings.

For more information on how the Safety Lock works, please click here.


Internet safety – you own it!


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