Loyalty crowns and how they work

Q: My avatar is 9 years old and I have received the 2 year and 5 year crowns. In a year, will I receive the 10 year crown?

A: Yes. These items will be given out on an ongoing basis. So, when your avatar turns 9 years old, just over a year after that you will receive a 10 Year Crown.


Q: Where can I find my item once my avatar gets to one of the age milestones?

A: You will receive the item to your inventory automatically on or soon after your avatar reaches the required age milestone.


Q: If my account contains two avatars, do both of the avatars receive the crown(s)?

A: No. Only the avatar that has reached a certain age milestone will receive the corresponding loyalty crown.


Q: If my avatar is over 10 years old, will I receive all three loyalty crowns?

A: Yes.


Q: Are the crowns tradable?

A: No.

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