Is my child safe on Habbo?

Habbo is monitored 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our moderation team will alert and/or deny access to Habbos who do not comply with the rules and regulations set out in the Habbo Way or in the Terms and Conditions. To get help, Habbos can open the ‘Account settings’ window by clicking the gear icon in the bottom right hand corner. Here, safety and help related information can be found. To report bad behaviour, you need to do so from the right place. For example, if you want to report something someone has said inside a room, you do this from the chat history window. To report a room, you need to do so from the room’s information window.

Alternatively, to leave a room in which a Habbo may not feel comfortable, they can click the hotel button in the top left hand corner, which will take the player to the hotel view page. 

All conversations in the hotel are filtered before they appear on the screen. The systems filters out obscene, offensive, racist and sexist terms and phrases and other words that are unacceptable for minors. Names, Habbo mottos, room description are also filtered. Filters are often and regularly updated and contain hundreds of words and terms.

Moreover, we are continually working with our users to ensure that they are as safe as possible when logged onto the hotel and the internet in general. You will find more general information about the game in our parents' guide.

Please help us keep your child/ren safe in Habbo by reviewing these safety tips and ways to report abuse with them before playing.

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