All about Passwords

How do I change my Password?

  • To reset your password, simply log in using your Habbo I.D and open your settings.
  • Then go to your identification settings.
  • Enter your new password.
  • Click save.

If you use Facebook, Google, Game Center, Microsoft or Apple to sign into Habbo, you need to reset your password with that service provider. Habbo cannot assist you with your password on another service. Please consult their help pages for further information.

What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

If your account is linked to a Facebook, Google, Game Center, Microsoft or Apple account, you can log in using one of these services. After logging in, you can then change your password to something you won’t forget.

Alternatively, while logging in you can enter your email address while leaving the password field empty. Once you’ve done this you’ll be emailed a one time login code. Enter this code on the next screen to get access to your account. (Make sure to change your password to something memorable after you gain access.)

Please check your junk mail first, as sometimes the one-time login code can go there.  


Please note: flagging any type of email from us as spam will result in all email communication from us being marked as spam. 

For example, if you flag a friend request notification email as spam, this means you won’t be able to receive password reminders, payment verifications and other important communications from Habbo.


What should I do if I think someone knows my password?

You should change your password immediately. Please see how to do this above.

NEVER change your password to something someone else told you to. They could steal your account and all your Furni. If someone asks for your password or tells you to change it into something else, please report it by clicking on the Call For Help icon and then leave the room.


Is Your Habbo Password Secure?

  • Does your password have random numbers and letters in it?
  • Is your password only known by you?
  • If you answered NO to any of the above, you need to make sure your password is kept very safe and secure, and you should change it regularly.


How can I keep my password safe?

The following tips will help you keep your password safe. However, if you believe someone may have your password you should change it immediately. 

  • Create a secure password

A good password should include letters and numbers and not include any personal information such as date of birth, name or anything else which someone could guess by asking you questions.

  • Habbo and your password

You should only enter your password on the official Habbo website in order to log in to your account. Habbo staff will never contact you personally asking for your password.

  • Never share your password

Sharing your password with a friend does not make your Habbo account more secure, in fact it becomes far less secure since you can't guarantee that your friend's computer will never be infected with a keylogger, nor can you guarantee that your friend will never share your password with someone else - especially if you fall out!

  • Don't recycle passwords

Never be tempted to use the same password for different services on the Internet. It may be easy to remember passwords if you only have a few, however if a password gets stolen it will result in you losing access to lots of your favourite services.

  • Be aware of password phishing

A common method of stealing passwords is to send an email or instant message that pretends to be from a member of Habbo staff. Some common signs of a password phishing email or instant message are:

  • Promises of free credits or Furni if you reply with your password
  • Threats that your account will close if you don't reply with your password
  • Invitations to participate in secret beta testing which requires you to enter your Habbo name and password into a website which is not the official Habbo homepage
  • Promises to make you a Habbo Ambassador or Moderator if you reply with your password or log into a website which is not the official Habbo homepage


  • Avoid common password fraud attempts

There are some common password frauds which circulate Habbo and catch out unwary new players all the time:

  • You see another user say something like "Look what happens when I type in my password! *******." Since passwords are random collections of letters and digits it would be impossible for Habbo to filter them out of chat. Your password can be seen by everyone if you type it in the chat box on Habbo or put it in a private message, Group discussion forum or anywhere else on Habbo other than the sign-in box on the login screen.
  • You see someone say "Type your password and press Ctrl + M or Alt 013 or Alt 0525." No matter what combination of keys someone tells you to press after typing your password in the game, the result will be that everyone sees it.
  • Some tells you to "Try this cool cheat! Change your password to "50credits" and you receive 50 Credits!" Never change your password to something you are told to change it to. There are no cheats and doing this will allow a fraudster to access to your account.
  • Someone tells you "A Habbo staff member just gave me credits on MSN!" If someone tells you to add a certain contact on MSN because it's a member of staff who gave them Credits, don't do it. Habbo staff do not communicate with players via instant messenger or Hotmail emails, and Staff never give out free Credits or furniture in this way.
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