Account Safety Lock

We've updated our Account Safety Lock feature. Here´s how it works:


 So what does the Account Safety Lock exactly do?

The Safety Lock protects your account from unauthorised access by someone who’s stolen your password. If we detect a suspicious login attempt on your account, we will lock it. Once the account is locked, to unlock it you will need to enter a one-time login code which we will email to you. You can also access your account if it’s already been linked to Facebook, Google, Game Center, Microsoft or Apple.


So when you say my account is safety-locked, does that mean no one can access anything on there?

No, this is not the case. Once your account is safety locked, we will email you a one-time login code. This can be used to unlock your account. You can then access your account with the correct credentials. If your account is linked to certain third party services like Facebook, Google, Game Center, Microsoft or Apple, you can also log in using these.

Do I have a choice or is it mandatory to put the Safety Lock on?

Of course you have a choice. You can choose whether you would like this feature enabled or disabled on your account. We obviously recommend that you do take advantage of this and enable it as it will add greatly to the security of your account.

Why can’t I turn the safety lock on? 

Safety lock is only available for accounts with a verified email address. This is because an account without an email wouldn’t trigger the Safety Lock, and an unverified email often means that even the real owner doesn’t have access to the email and thus couldn’t log in if the safety lock is triggered.






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