Room moderation tools

Moderate your Habbo rooms

In your rooms you’re in charge. You’ll help keep the Habbo community a safe and fun place for all by actively moderating it.


What type of room moderation tools are there?

Kick: throw someone out of your room. The kicked Habbo can return to your room, unless it’s full or closed.

Ban: ban a Habbo from your room permanently.

Unban: unban a Habbo. If you think you may have been a little harsh and now there’s no one left in your room, unbanning Habbos will soon sort it out.  


How do I use the room moderation tools?

Room owners and group admins in group rooms can click on the Habbo they want to moderate. Then it’s just a case of either selecting ‘kick’ or ‘ban’.

To see a list of banned Habbos, open the group home room’s settings. Here, you can unban Habbos by selecting them and unbanning them with a single click!


How do I give others permission to moderate in my group home room?

To manage the different rights each of your group members have, open the group’s profile window. Here, you can see a list of the group’s members. As the group owner, you’re able to make people group admins. Admins can give and revoke bans and kick people from the group home room.


Who can unban?

Only the room owner and group admins can unban Habbos in group home rooms.


If a user bans or kicks me, can I still go back on Habbo?

Sure. The room moderation kick or ban only affects the room in which it’s done.


How can the room moderation tools be useful to me?

You can use them to stay on top of what is going on in your room: restrict access for Habbos who bother you, silence those who disrupt your game.…  This way you’re also helping the wider Habbo community stay a great social place to hang out.  Users who are only out to annoy everyone will soon tire of their routine. And you’ll finally get rid of that troll!  

These tools also help you run all your activities smoothly: kickwars , chats, and everything else will be so much more manageable with the room moderation tools.


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