Habbo Way

What is the Habbo Way?

The Habbo Way is like a code of conduct, a guide to how Habbos should act in the Hotel. Habbos who break the Habbo Way are not welcome in the Hotel and may be banned.

The Habbo Way is a simple set of rules for all players to follow in the Habbo. Please check the Habbo Way here.

You may also wish to review our Terms of Use.

Why is there a Habbo Way?

Habbo is a place where people come to relax, hang out and make new friends in a safe, non-threatening environment. The Habbo Way helps to maintain this safe, non-threatening environment.

What should I do if I see someone break the Habbo Way?

If you see someone break the Habbo Way and you are uncomfortable with it, you should use the Ignore feature. This prevents their chat from showing up on your screen. Use Ignore for name-calling, mild swearing, or anything else that just doesn't suit your taste. If the chat is truly offensive, hateful or racist, or if you feel threatened by it, send a 'call for help', then leave the room or place the Habbo on Ignore.

What will happen if I break the Habbo Way?

If you break the Habbo Way you may be alerted, kicked from the room or banned from Habbo.

Why do my words come up as 'bobba'?

All areas of Habbo have a word filter which takes out offensive words. This covers swearing and racist or sexist language, plus email addresses and phone numbers.

Offensive words are replaced with 'bobba'. The filters also work on all text, including names, chat, forum text and mottos.

What happens if I try to bypass the word filter?

If you try to do this you may be banned from Habbo.

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