Buying via mobile/cell phone

How do I get Habbo Credits using my Cell/Mobile Phone?

To purchase Habbo Credits with a phone, please visit our Shop’s website page.

Always ensure that you have the permission of the bill payer before buying Habbo Credits and you are the appropriate age. You will be permanently banned from the site if you don't have permission.

To buy credits using your cell/mobile phone, you must ensure that your phone is set up to allow such purchases.

Here are some frequently asked questions about our payment method powered by Boku for purchasing Habbo Credits via your cellular/mobile phone.

Do I need a bank account or credit card?

Nope. You only need an active cell/mobile phone with text messaging to buy Habbo Credits.

What do I need to do to complete a payment?

Just go to the Shop page on our website and select the ‘Mobile’ payment tab. Then select the items or currency you want to purchase and click ‘Pay’. Then, type in your phone number and wait a few seconds to receive a text message. 

You will be asked to reply with a Y when we send a SMS to the phone.

When does the code come for credits?

There is no code, the credits will go straight to your purse, so make sure you are signed into the correct avatar on the correct account when you buy!

Do I need to register or create a new password?

No. No registration is required — no new password to remember.

How will I be charged?

The charge will appear on your cellular/mobile phone bill.

How will the charge appear on my bill?

It depends on the Carrier/Network and the country.

What if the cell phone account is prepaid or pay-as-you-go?

The charge is deducted from the balance on your phone account at the time of the transaction.

Are there any additional fees?

We don’t charge any additional fees, but depending upon your text-messaging plan you could incur additional fees. To ensure you know exactly how much you will be charged for sending and receiving texts, please contact your mobile network provider

UK users will be charged for the 'Y' reply, this will be your standard network rate charge for a single SMS, normally around 10-12p.

Who are the accepted phone Carriers/networks?

The following phone carriers support this type of purchasing are Virgin, Vodafone UK, O2, Tesco, T-Mobile, 3 Mobile & Orange Mobile.

For customer service or more information, please contact customer support. 

UK users can contact BOKU by Emailing


Other Countries using Mobile/Cell phones

I sent an SMS to purchase credits but I haven't received a reply. What should I do?

Most of the time when you send Habbo an SMS/text message to purchase Habbo Credits, you should get a reply straight away. However, mobile networks can sometimes get busy and responses get held in queue. You might receive your reply a few minutes or hours later.

If you haven't had a reply message or received your credits, and it has been over 24 hours since you sent us a text message then you may want to get some support. Open the Habbo Help Tool by visiting You can submit a help request there.

Remember to include your mobile number, so that we can look up the transaction!


SG, MY, CA, AU and NZ users

If you are using Boku for our SMS system for purchasing Habbo Credits via your cellular/mobile phone, you may contact their customer service at


Where do I put the code you sent me?

You need to enter the code into Habbo. To do this follow the next steps.

  • Sign into your account.
  • Open the in-game Shop.
  • Put the voucher code you received into the voucher code box on the front page of the Shop.
  • Click ‘Redeem’.


I'm seeing charges on my phone bill. What are they?

If you have found charges for Habbo on your mobile/cellphone bill, then it is likely that a user of Habbo in your household has purchased Habbo Credits through that method.

You can find out more about the methods of purchasing we offer by visiting the Shop page.

As all transactions are initiated by the Habbo user, we are unable to offer refunds as it is up to the parent/guardian to monitor their child's online activity and spending.

Habbo cannot be responsible for the actions taken by our users. You should speak to the user in question regarding these payments and educate them about responsible spending. Should you wish for further information about the charges, want the number blocked or to request the account user be suspended from the service, please contact us.

What are the spending limits?

All spending limits can be found here


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