The Marketplace

The Marketplace is a convenient way to sell Habbo items you no longer want. You can list items for sale there for up to 48 hours and check back to see if they've sold. Now you can sell (nearly) all your items through the Marketplace, however there are some that can't be sold there, including pets and items purchased with Duckets.

Why should I use the Marketplace?

The Marketplace is useful for several different reasons:

  • Finding older, rarer items that aren’t currently available in the Shop and in some cases never again will be available from the Shop either.
  • Making a profit from selling items that you don’t use anymore.
  • Getting certain items for a better price than you would do otherwise.

Why can't I use the Marketplace?

To use the Marketplace you'll need a Trading Pass. You can find out more about Trading Passes and how to get one by reading this article.

If you’ve been trade locked by the moderation team, you won’t be able to use the Marketplace (or trade at all) until the trade lock is removed.


How do I sell items in the Marketplace?
You are able to sell any item which is tradable by highlighting it in your inventory and clicking on the 'Sell in Marketplace' button. Items you put up for sale remain in the Marketplace for 48 hours. Unsold items will be automatically returned to your inventory when they expire after 48 hours.


How do I buy items in the Marketplace?
The Shop has a Marketplace category which lists a selection of items currently for sale from other Habbos. If there are several items of the same product for sale, you will always see and pay the lowest price advertised.


The Marketplace.png



Does it cost to use the Marketplace?
While it doesn’t actually cost credits to use the Marketplace itself, when your item sells you will pay a fee. How much this fee is depends on how much you sold the item for and is progressive (you will pay a higher fee for an item you decide to sell for a lot).


How do I know if my items have sold in Marketplace?

To see if you have items which haven’t sold yet, open the Shop, click on the Furni tab and go to Marketplace, then “My Sales”. All your active, unsold items are listed here.


My Sales window.png


What happens if my item doesn't sell?
If your item has not sold, it will be returned automatically to your inventory. 


Can I cancel/take back items which have been sold in the Marketplace?
Once one of your items has been sold in the Marketplace you cannot get it back.


Can I cancel/take back items which are still on sale in the Marketplace?

Yes; you can cancel a sale by opening the “My Sales” section of the Marketplace and clicking on “Take back”.



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