Credit Furni

While you’re able to buy items from other Habbos for credits and accept them in return when selling your own items, credit furni provides you with a fun way to store credits and show off your wealth.

Where do I find credit furni?

You can find credit furni in the shop: all you have to do is open the ‘credit furni’ section. 

How do I turn my Credits into gold bars or Coins?

Go to the Shop: you can purchase them there.

How much are different credit furni worth?

Below is a list of common credit furni w many credits they’re worth:

One Bronze Coin costs 2 credit and is worth 1 credit.
One Silver Coin costs 6 credits and is worth 5 credits.
One Gold Coin costs 11 credits and is worth 10 credits.
One Money Bag costs 22 credits and is worth 20 credits.
One Gold Bar costs 55 credits and is worth 50 credits.

How do I change back my credit furniture into Habbo Credits?

Place the item in your room and double-click it. When prompted, confirm that you want to convert the credit furni into credits.

Will credits gained from converting credit furni be deposited into my Vault?

Yes. Like credits you earn from in-game activities, credit furni credits will be moved to your Vault if your purse balance is 500 credits or more.

Why does credit furni cost more than it’s worth?
To ensure the economy is stable and better protected against fraud and account hacking, we have to have this minimum 10% extra fee on shop-bought credit furni.

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