How do I create my own group?

To create your own group you have to be a member of Habbo Club. To create a group, open the ‘people’ window and go to the groups section. When making a Group, choose a name, description, which room is the Home room and lastly, make a Badge and select your team colors. Satisfied? Then click 'Buy' in the last step and the Group is yours!


Can I delete my own group if I don't want it anymore?

Yes, you can. To delete a group that you own, open the group’s profile window. 


How do I set up my group's home room?
When you set up your group for the first time you're asked to select a homeroom. Your homeroom can not be changed after you select it, so choose carefully.


How do I join a group?
To join a group, you need to open its profile. To find a group to join, look for one in the ‘people’ window or click a group’s badge when inside its home room.


How do I leave a group?
To leave a group, you need to open its profile. You can see all the groups you are a member of by opening your profile.


How many Groups can you join?
Habbo Club members can join up to 100 different Groups. Normal users can join 50 Groups.


I am trying to become a Group member but it isn't working. What am I doing wrong?
Most likely, you have already joined the maximum number of groups. Another reason might be that the Group has reached it's maximum Member count, or is set up that you can't join without approval.


How many members can a group have?

It depends on the current members. As they gain level progression, the member limit increases. If the limit drops, existing members are allowed to stay.


How can my fellow Group members help to design the Homeroom?
In Groups you and your fellow group members can design your homeroom. You can choose what rights other users have in your room in the room settings. Selected Habbos can then place their own furni in the room and move, configure and pick up any furni in the room too. The ownership of these Furni does not change. Furni that is removed will go back to the Inventory of its owner. 

There is also a command for returning all furni from the room. This command can be used by anyone who has building rights in the room. To use it, type ‘:ejectall’. After confirming, the furni used to decorate the room will be returned to the inventory of their owners.


My Group Members were helping me decorate my home room, but now a lot of Furni is missing. How is that possible?
One of your Group Members that helped decorating most likely removed the Furni. No furni used by your fellow group members loses its ownership - it will always belong to them. If you decide to leave a group and you want to take back the furni you used in the group’s home room, you can simply pick up the furni without having building rights.


Managing Your Group- Joining Policy
In the group profile window you can choose the joining policy you want for your group:
Free - (anyone can join without approval, up to the group’s maximum member limit.)
Requires admin approval - (membership has to be approved by group owner or admin)
Closed - (no one can join.)


Managing Your Group- Rights!
To manage the different rights each of your group members have, open the group’s profile window. Below are the different levels of rights you can have:
Member- Basic membership in the group. Members can decorate the room (if the option is turned on).
Admin- have the same rights as basic members but can also approve new members, expel current members and give/revoke bans for the group’s home room.
Owner- All the rights listed above, plus ability to edit the group description.

Additionally, room settings and group forums have options that allow giving certain rights depending on member/admin/owner status.


I want to decorate my Home Room with special Group Furni. How do I do that?
Group Furni can be found in thegroup room environment of the Shop. Here you can get various items in the color of your Group and in some cases with your Badge shown. On this page, make sure you have chosen the right Group that you want to buy the Furni for. 


How can I change the Group Badge?
You can't.


How can I see which Groups I'm member of?
The groups you're a member of are listed in your user profile.


Can I return Furni that is used to decorate the rooms to the owners?
Anyone with building rights to a room can return furni to their owners in the same way as they would pick their furni up. There is also a command for returning all furni from the room. This command can be used by anyone who has building rights in the room. To use it, type :ejectall. After confirming, the furni used to decorate the room will be returned to the inventory of its owners. To pick up all your furni from a room, you can also go to your inventory and use the pick up button in the ‘furni by room’ list.


Why isn't it possible to have unlimited members in the new Groups?
We want to reward the Habbos that get to the higher levels.


Can there be two groups with exactly the same name?
Yes, you can create groups with the same name.


Admin can delete members. Why?
Admins need the ability to control who is a member of their group and who isn’t.


Why was my group removed or deleted?

If you create a group which breaks the Habbo Way or we think is inappropriate it will be removed and you won’t be refunded.
Is my group deleted if my Habbo Club runs out?

Your group will not be deleted.


Is my homeroom deleted if my Habbo Club runs out?

Your homeroom will not be deleted.


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