How do I create a room?

Just click on the Navigator, select the "My world" tab and press the "Create room" button! It's that simple. You just follow the instructions and then select a floor plan! You can choose a name for your room later in room settings. 

What rules apply in rooms?

The Habbo Way applies in all rooms in Habbo. You should treat other Habbo’s rooms like someone else's home.

How do I delete my room?

If you want to delete your room, open its settings menu from the room information window. Then, click the room deletion button. Any furni in your room when it's deleted will be returned to the furni owner’s inventory.

Why can't I pick up my wallpaper or floor?

Wallpaper and flooring are stuck down - so once you put them down, they can't be picked back up. You can put new wallpaper or floor down if you wish to change the look of your room.

How do I change who can ss my room?

To change these settings, open your room’s settings menu from the room information window. You'll see the options there.

How many rooms can I own?

You can own 200 rooms.

How can I change my home room?

You can change your Home room by clicking on the home room button in the room information window.

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