Private Messages

What are private messages?

Private messages allow you to keep in contact with any Habbo that you have added to your friend list. You can then have an instant chat with them, no matter where they are inside Habbo. 

How do I send a private message?

The Habbo you want to send a private message to must be on your friend list. To send a private message to your friend, click on the speech bubble icon next to their name in your Friend List.

Can I have multiple chats at the same time

Yes. You can start new conversations by clicking on the speech bubble next to another person in your Friend List. You can swap between different conversations by selecting one of your friends from the friends list.

Can I create a group chat?

Currently there is no ability to create a group instant message where multiple friends can take part in the same conversation.

How do I handle inappropriate private messages?

Private messages are passed through filters which remove inappropriate language and alert our moderation team to unsafe behaviour automatically.  If you do not wish to receive any further private messages from a particular Habbo, remove them from your friends list. 

Can I send private messages to everyone on my friends list?

Habbo’s private messaging system does not allow mass messaging as it would be too easy to spam other Habbos - and we all know that spamming is bad!


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