What are Habbo Pets?

What are Habbo Pets? 

Where can I buy pets?

You can only buy pets from the in-game Shop.


Why can't I trade my pet?

Firstly: your pet would get confused if it constantly had new owners! 

Also, buying a pet is a commitment. You must be prepared to look after it long-term rather than just have it on a whim.

Habbo also wants to reduce the number of scams. So, just remember - you cannot trade pets. If someone says you can, they're lying and probably trying to scam you!

Will my pet get ill?

Your pet cannot get the flu or any kind of virus. The only time it'll show signs of illness, is if you don't take care of it. If the pet is starving, it will get weak and sad and it will sleep all the time.

Will my pet die?

No, Habbo pets live forever!

If I have a boy pet and girl pet, will they make a little baby pet?

No, they won’t. If you want to create a new baby pet, you can buy a breeding box from the in-game Shop.

How does pet breeding work?

I accidentally spelled my pet's name wrong when I purchased it, can I change it?

Yes. To edit your pet’s name, open the pet information window.

How many pets can I have in my room?

You can have up to five of your own pets in one room, but you can own up to 50 pets.

Can my pets follow me?

Yes, you can place a pet in your room or take one for a walk with you in other rooms (if that room’s settings allow it.)

How often can I scratch my pet?

Three times every 18 hours.

Can I scratch other users' pets or can other users scratch mine?

Yes, your pets can go to your friends’ rooms to get scratches for your pet. You can scratch other users' pets. Bear in mind that in order to place your pet in a room, that room’s settings need to allow it.

How can I get the pet badges?

You can unlock badges and achievements by training and scratching your pet.

What is the pet holiday?

If you can’t take care of your pet anymore, you can send it to a pet resort for a holiday. It will be taken care of there. You can do this when your pet is in your inventory. Note that this is a permanent action, and you won’t be able to get your pet back later.

I have a question about horses.

You can refer to our FAQs on Horses.

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