What are the Duckets?

Ducket is a free virtual currency that you can earn daily just by playing Habbo

How do I get them?

  • Daily gifts contain Duckets.
  • You can obtain them by completing certain achievements.
  • Level progression rewards you with Duckets.
  • Our advent and summer calendars sometimes reward you with Duckets.

What can I do with Duckets?

You can do lots of things with Duckets

  • You can buy lots of stuff.
  • You can get avatar effects
  • Promote your events
  • You can give star gems to other Habbos!

How do I use Duckets?

To spend your Duckets, just look for a Ducket icon. This indicates that you can spend them!


Is there a limit of Duckets I can get per day?

There is no limit to the amount of Duckets you can get per day.

Is there a total limit of Duckets I can have per avatar?

There’s a limit of 1300 Duckets you can have in your purse. We use the term soft limit because you can amass an unlimited number of Duckets, but the surplus is taxed. To get the most out of your Duckets, make sure you spend them regularly!

Do the Duckets expire?

Duckets don't expire.


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