What Are Habbo Achievements?


Achievements are tasks that you can earn badges, rewards and level progression points from in Habbo. There are many different kinds of achievements available, and new ones are added every now and then so we do not provide a comprehensive list. You can find answers to some common questions about achievements below.

How will I get my badges?

You will receive an achievement badge when you complete the related achievement level. It is then shown in the achievement window. You can also get badges from other activities like polls, competitions and some purchases. All your badges are available in your profile window.

How do I know how to complete an Achievement?

If you scroll through the achievements window, each of the descriptions should tell you how to progress and earn that achievement.

I can't see my badge/achievement. Can a staff member give the badge to me?

The badges are given out automatically. Habbo staff can not give out the achievement badges.

I disconnected during a a visit, what can I do?

If you were in the process of trying to get an achievement level and for some reason you were disconnected, depending on when you were disconnected you may lose some of the progress you made. An example of this would be the number of games played in one session - the number of games logged in that session would reset as you were disconnected and then have to reconnect. We cannot give you badges manually so you will have to try again to receive the next level badge.

Why aren’t some of the achievements I’ve got available or visible to other Habbos?

Achievements can be in three states: active, off season and archived.

  • Active: these are shown normally and can be progressed.
  • Off season: these achievements are only shown to Habbos who already have made progress with them. The purpose of the off season state is to avoid confusing Habbos new to the Hotel, e.g. with achievements that require items that are currently not available in the Shop. In this way, Habbos that do have the items required can still make progress with said achievements. Anyone can make progress with these sorts of achievements with the right items and conditions!
  • Archived: these sorts of achievements are not available for anyone to progress. They’re shown in the ‘archived’ category only for those who have already made progress with them. For example, these achievements could be related to old items or features that are not available anymore, but we want to let older Habbos keep their badges and progress points instead of removing them.



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