Habbo Couture - Sellable clothing!

 Here's how sellable clothing works.


What is Habbo Couture?

Habbo Couture is a term that describes clothing and accessories that are tradable and sellable in Habbo. You can purchase them from the in-game Shop, and until you bind them to your avatar (see below) you can trade them with other Habbos using the Marketplace.

How do I bind a clothing or accessory item to my avatar?

First, find the item in your inventory and place it in your room. Then just click on “Use” and you’ll be able to find the clothing in your looks editor. After binding an item of clothing, it no longer exists as furni so you can’t trade it - it’s an item of clothing your avatar will own and be able to wear permanently.


I bound my clothing item but I can’t find it. Where is it?

Once you bind an item of clothing to your avatar, it is permanently added to your looks editor. Each item of clothing is categorised differently according to the part of your avatar’s body it fits on. I.e. tops will be in the shirt tab, bottoms in the trouser tab, and so on. Some items like the Meow-suit can be found spread across several sections: hood, shirt, trousers and paws are all in their corresponding sections.


How can I change the colors of my clothing?

Once you bind an item of clothing to your avatar, you’ll have it as part of your looks editor collection and you can change the colours as with any other clothing.


Can I trade clothing after having placed it in my room?

Yes, as long as you haven’t bound the clothing to your avatar, it exists as a regular furni:  you can place it in a room, pick it up and trade it with others.


Is Habbo Couture clothing for HC members only?

No, Habbo Couture is for every one! 

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