Scamsites Spell Danger

Your friend on Habbo just told you on IM that you’ve reached the top 10 of the most popular Habbos? Been offered to join Habbo’s official staff? Just completed a telephrase or user game and got this link to go and claim your prize? Receivd a gift from Habbo staff with a link to a site? Somebody's found an exploit and wants to tell you how to generate coins? For free?


What do all these great-sounding offers have in common? THEY ARE SCAMS.

These ones get you to go on an external site that has nothing to do with Habbo (even if it says Habbo in the link name) and enter your Habbo login details. If you do that the scammer gets access to your account and robs you off all your hard-earned credits and much-loved furni.
By visiting the site alone, you could pick up a key logging programme. All the scammer then needs to do is wait for you to login and simply collects your password via the keystrokes.  

Scammers love to hijack one account this way and then tell everyone on the victim’s friends lists about the scamsite, so even if you believe this is coming from your Habbo friend, DO NOT go there.

Whatever goes on in Habbo – polls, competitions, contest results -  stays in Habbo.

You may see the odd reference to the official Habbo Twitter or Facebook site, but that’s it. If you haven’t seen any promotion in the news articles or on the Me page about the event or activity, then chances are it doesn't exist and someone is trying to have you on. DO NOT go there.

So what do I do if I someone PMs me on Habbo and I think it’s a scam site?

Report it to our moderation team right then and there from your console. That way they can see the chatlog and take action. Under no circumstances should you go and check out the site before reporting it.


I got a gift sent to me. It's asking to go to a website to see what prize I've won. And it's signed Habbo staff. What do I do? 

Don't go there, even if the gift is signed "Habbo staff". Think about it, staff would just send you the prize in the gift, why would they need you to go elsewhere to view or pick it up? You're absolutely fine to keep the gift, open it, stick the furni in a room, but whatever you do, don't go to the site posted on the gift message. 



What about if I’ve done a telephrase and they ask me to go to the site to get the prize or see an answer?

Same as above. DO NOT go to the site they suggested.


I’ve reported a site a few times but someone else keeps spamming it. What do I do?

Sadly these scam rings are a bit like organized virtual crime. They have a whole host of avatars and computers and just keep hopping from one avatar to another. We are on to them though and will do wide-swept blocks if we have to, so we appreciate you reporting whenever you find someone scamming this way.

I've been scammed, they've changed my login details, and now I can't access my account anymore:(

If you've lost access to your account, submit a request for help here.

What are some of the scamsites I should be looking out for?

Whether it's habbochoice, habbowinter, habboawards or habboselfies - the rule of thumb is, if they offer free credits, HC, rares or competition prizes, a page to vote  for or nominate your favourite Habbo, it's all too good to be true and you should stay well away from the site they're asking you to go to.


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