How do I report a problem?

In what case would I report a problem?

You should report an incident such as someone bullying you in game, or trying to get you to reveal your password or other confidential information. You may also witness sexually explicit behaviour or chat taking place. This type of behaviour should not be happening and should be reported using the 'Call for Help' tool. If you are worried, you can also let an adult know what's going on or contact one of the helplines.

By reporting these incidents to our moderation team, they can take action.

How do I report something?

 To report a Habbo’s behaviour, you need to do so from the right place. For example, if a Habbo is posting inappropriate chat, you report them from the chat history window. If you see a room that is against the Habbo Way, you should report it from the room information window.

Remember that the 'Emergency Help' option only to be used in a genuine emergency service only, and abusing it may lead to you being banned.

What else can I do?

If someone is annoying you on Habbo you should use the IGNORE button to filter out their chat. The Ignore button is located in the avatar context menu. If they are in a group room you own/have rights in, you can also kick them out, and ban them. Group owners or group admins with moderation rights can hide inappropriate posts or even entire threads.

Remember, the "Call For Help" is for emergencies only! If you abuse it, you may be banned from Habbo.

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