What have I been banned, muted or trade-locked for?

These are the consequences of not following The Habbo Way, organized by category:


Consequences of Disruption:

These are for players who are either disrupting the game for others by flooding the screen or raiding rooms. Bans or mutes also keep those in check, who are engaging in harmful scripting. You may face anything from an alert to a permanent ban, based on the severity of the problem and how many times you have previously been sent alerts flagging up the same issue.


Please note that our moderation team does not deal with blocking calls. If somebody is blocking your way, please leave the room and return at a later time. You can also get the room owner to remove the blocker.


Consequences of Placing, Accepting Bets or charging others to play Games of Chance:

These are for players who place or accept bets on the outcome of randomizers or charge other players to play or stay in games that use randomizers. Sanctions in this category range from temporary to permanent trade lock, along with alerts up to a permanent ban based on the severity of the problem and how many times you have previously been sent alerts or had an account trade-locked. Severe cases may also lead to your room being frozen (ie it can not be accessed any longer and furni cannot be removed).


Consequences of buying Habbo coins illegally:

The only legitimate payment methods to buy Habbo credits can be found here and in the in-game Shop. Buying credits anywhere else will result in your account being banned permanently without the chance to appeal.


Consequences of Giving out/Soliciting Personal Identifying Information:

These consequences are for people who ask for or agree to webcam chats or real-life meetings with strangers as well as soliciting personal information from players that makes them locatable. Based on the severity consequences for this sort of behavior ranges from alert to a permanent ban.


Consequences of Harassment:

These consequences ensue when people harass or bully others. We define harassment and bullying as one person being abusive to another on a personal level for a sustained period of time. Players who are arguing with one another will normally be asked to put each other on ignore. Consequences in this category range from alerts to bans, based on the severity of the problem and how many times you have previously been sent alerts flagging up the same issue.


Consequences of Hate Speech:

These consequences follow when people use abusive and offensive language when referring to someone else’s ethnicity, sexuality, nationality or religion. This type of behavior usually results in an alert up to a permanent ban.


Consequences of Scamming:

These consequences are for players who advertise free credit/coin scams, give out fake Habbo URLs, attempt password phishing or other tricks designed to steal another player’s account. Consequences in this category are generally permanent bans as they are considered very serious and we often advise the victim of a stolen account to report the theft to the police.


Consequences of Terms & Conditions Violations:

These are the consequences for players who admit to taking part in illegal activity (hacking, attempting to share child pornography, credit card fraud, adults engaging minors in sexual discussion, attempting to use the service to sell drugs etc) as well as players who breach our Terms & Conditions by attempting to sell or transfer their Habbo account, sell Habbo furni for cash or own a retro hotel. Most bans in this category are permanent and the police may be contacted.


Consequences of Inappropriate Name/Room/Group:

These are the consequences of creating a Habbo account, room or group with an inappropriate name, i.e. one that is abusive to other players, contains offensive or sexually explicit language. Consequences in this category range from alert to permanent bans.


I have been banned and cannot see my account details in the Hotel
When your account is banned, your account profile is not visible in the Hotel. This does not mean that your account has been deleted. Your account will remain in our system and it's just your avatar information that will not appear and if your account is unbanned, the information will become visible again.


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