Prepaid Cards from USA/CA

What is a Habbo Prepaid Card?

A Habbo Prepaid Card is an easy way to get Habbo Credits. Habbo Prepaid Cards are available for purchase at many retailers across the United States and Canada. After you purchase your Habbo Prepaid Card, you can redeem the unique voucher code from the in-game Habbo Shop to get your credits. 

I've just purchased a Habbo Prepaid Card. Where is my voucher code (PIN)?

Your voucher code (PIN) is located on different areas of your card or your receipt depending on where you purchased your card. If you buy your Habbo Prepaid Card online, you will receive the voucher code from the merchant you sold it to you, usually inside an email. An example of an online merchant that sells Habbo Prepaid Cards is 

If you bought a physical Habbo Prepaid Card, your code will be located under the silver scratch-off area. Please remember to scratch gently with your fingernail or a coin so you do not scratch off the printed code.


I enter my voucher code (PIN) and receive an "error' message. What's wrong?

You may be entering the code incorrectly. Some letters or numbers may look like other letters or numbers. Here are the most frequently mistaken characters:

B and 8

D and 0

G and 6

g and 9

q and 9

Z and 2

Please note that codes never include the following letters: i, l, o, w. Make sure to enter your code without spaces.

If you are sure you are entering your code correctly and still receiving the error message, please use the information on the back of your Habbo Prepaid Card to contact the Help Tool.


I tried redeeming the 8 digit voucher codes but the code is not working.

The first step is to go back to the merchant you bought it from to make sure that your Habbo card is activated. If the card has been activated and you are still unable to redeem the voucher code, please keep the paid receipt and send us the card serial number for us to look into it further. We would need to view the receipt as proof of purchase. To do this, contact the Help Tool.

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