Buying with Paypal

How do I buy with PayPal?

  • Make sure you are using the avatar you want the credits deposited to.
  • Go to your hotel’s website front page (, etc.)
  • Click ‘Shop’.
  • Select the amount of credits that you want to buy (Be sure to select the right amount as this cannot be changed once completed)
  • Click 'Buy'
  • Payment details will be displayed, letting you know the amount you will pay and the amount of credits
  • Check the email address is correct, and then click the PayPal button
  • You'll be redirected to the Paypal secure site
  • Log in using your paypal account (If this is not your account you must have the bill payers permission to use it)
  • Check that all details are correct and click 'Pay Now'
  • If the payment is successful, your purse will be updated with the currency you have bought. A note of the payment will show on the Habbo screen. Please take a note of the transaction number, you may need this for future queries.
  • A receipt will be sent to the PayPal email (From Paypal) as well as your Habbo email (From Habbo)

Can I use Paypal if I am in a different Country?

Yes, you will still be buying in US dollars, but Paypal will convert it for you. You do not see the conversion but they do show you the conversion rate - For example it will say 'PayPal conversion rate as of 31 Jan 2020: 1 British Pound = [X number of] US Dollars."

What are the spending limits using a Credit or Debit card?

You can submit a maximum 3 purchase attempts per EIGHT DAY PERIOD when buying Habbo Credits by Paypal. Any further attempts within an 8 day period will not be processed.

I'm seeing charges on PayPal statement. What are they?

If you have found charges for Habbo on your PayPal statement, then it is likely that a user of Habbo in your household has purchased Habbo Credits through that method.

You can find out more about the methods of purchasing we offer by visiting the Habbomall page.

As all transactions are initiated by the Habbo user, we are unable to offer refunds as it is up to the parent/guardian to monitor their child's online activity/ spending , also the Paypal account holder to keep their log in details safe.

Habbo cannot be responsible for the actions taken by our users. You should speak to the user in question regarding these payments and educate them about responsible spending. Should you wish for further information about the charges, or to request the account user be suspended from the service, please contact us by clicking 'Submit a Request'.

Always ensure that you have the permission of the bill payer before buying Habbo Credits. All of your accounts will be permanently banned if you make unauthorized purchases.

All legitimate ways to buy Habbo Credits are on our Shop website page and in-game shop. Buying them elsewhere could get you ripped off and MAY get you banned.

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