All about the Habbo Shop

Maybe you have recently joined Habbo and are wondering how you decorate your rooms with all the latest furni and fittings, or you have been here a while seen a furniture item in someone else's room, and thought "ooh, I'd like one of those!" Well, then the Habbo shop is where you need to go to get all the latest gear to decorate your rooms! Open the Shop by clicking the shopping cart icon in the top right hand corner of your screen. You can also go straight to the Shop from a furni’s context menu if it’s currently available there.

The shop is divided into different sections in order to make it easy to find the items you want! You can also take advantage of a comprehensive selection of categories and a search function.

How do I buy items from the shop?

Just open the shop up by clicking on the icon and browse through the many items. Select one and then click ‘Buy’.

If you haven't got any Credits, find out how to get some here.  

How I get items that are not in the shop?

Items that are not in the shop are probably one of three things: rare items (this means there are only a limited number available within Habbo), seasonal items (only sold at certain times like Habboween or Christmas) or prizes. You can buy rare and seasonal items at different times during the year and enter competitions to win prizes. And of course you always offer to trade something with the owner of the special item if you really want it!

Some furni may not be available from the Shop that is available from the Builders Club Warehouse. Find out more about Builders Club here.

What if I've bought something I don't like?

Items bought from the Shop are not refundable. However, you can trade your items with other Habbos, or sell them in the Marketplace!

Where are the items I've purchased from the shop?

When you buy an item from the shop it is delivered to your inventory, which is an easily accessible place where all the items you own are stored. Open your inventory by clicking the inventory button and bottom of the screen.

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