Habbo Helpers reporting for duty!

What is help chat?

Help chat is for both new Habbos who want to ask about Habbo and experienced Habbos who want to welcome and offer guidance to newcomers about the features, tricks and quirks of the game.

How can I ask for help?

Open the settings window and go to the help section. Then, click the button to ask for help. In the view that opens, submit your question and wait for a helper to respond. You can return to playing the game - you’ll be notified when there’s a response to your question.

How can I provide help?

Open the settings window and go to the help section. If your avatar is at a sufficient level, you’ll see a checkbox for opting to take help requests. After you’ve selected the checkbox, you’ll be notified when there are requests waiting to be responded to. To open a help chat session, click the button to respond to a help request in the same view. You can toggle your status at any time, e.g. if you want to take a break from the helper role.

Can I go and check something in the game and then continue the help chat?

Yes. If you close the help chat view, the session will stay open. You can go and do something else in the Hotel to assist you in providing a helpful answer, or to try out a suggested solution before returning to the help chat session. When you click the buttons to ask for or provide help while you have an ongoing session, you’ll automatically be taken to your existing session.

How can I start a new help chat session?

To start a new help chat session, you need to finish the current one first. The buttons to do that can be found in the help chat view.

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