Events Promotion

How do I promote my room event?

Open the room information window and click on the event creation button. You can then fill in your event details in the popup that appears. Once you've filled in all you want people to know about your event and have paid, your room will appear in the navigator under the tab "Events" for the entire hotel to see!


What if I want to promote my room event for longer? Can I buy more hours of visibility?

Yes. You can buy more hours of room navigator visibility by repeating the above process, i.e. buying 2 hours more each time.


Is there a limit to how many times I can buy hours of room visibility?

Not at the moment. 


How can I check for how much longer my room will be visible in the navigator?

The category "Events" lists all the rooms that are currently being promoted. Rooms are ranked by how much time they have left, so e.g. if your room has 85 minutes left and every other promoted room less than that, yours will go on top,  whereas a room with only a minute left to go, will be at the very bottom of the list. To find out how much time your room has left of visibility in the Navigator, open its information window.


What if I run out of room visibility time? What happens to my room?

It will disappear from the Events category.


Are promoted rooms moderated?

You bet they are. Promoted rooms are moderated just like any other area in the hotel, so make sure your room event is Habbo-friendly.


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