Baby Pets

Baby Pets can be obtained by breeding two adult pets of the same type (for example two bears).


How does breeding work?


You will need a breeding box and you will need to place it inside a room. Once you’ve done this, double click the box - a dialog box then opens. 

Select the two parents from the list that is displayed and choose a name for your new baby pet. Note: only potential parents of a species matching the box are listed. These potential parents must also have breeding enabled by their owners. 

After doing this, the breeding box will disappear and the owner of the box will get a new baby p

If my friend and I want to breed our pets, who will receive the baby pet?

The owner of the breeding box is the one that gets the baby pet.


How many baby pets can my adult pet have?

Adult pets can have as many new baby pets as you want. Note that this is only the case if you get a new breeding box for each new baby pet you wish to get. You also need to ensure that your adult pets have as much energy as breeding requires.


Can I use my dog and my cat to share the same breeding nest?

Breeding boxes can only be used to breed pets of a certain type.


I’m having trouble getting my pet to breed. Why?

  • Your pet may be too hungry to breed (note that breeding consumes a lot of energy. Using the same pet for breeding repeatedly will require the pet to be fed a lot.)
  • Your pet is not happy enough. Unhappy pets won’t be in the mood to participate in the breeding process.
  • You already own the maximum amount of pets.


Does my baby pet grow up to become an adult pet?

Nope, they stay babies forever.


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