The Navigator


What is the aim of the Habbo Navigator?

This revamp aims to make searching and promoting rooms a much more enjoyable experience, whilst also offering improvements on some existing functionalities like searching and overall look and feel.


I see five tabs in the Navigator – what are those for?

Recommended: This will show a list of public rooms (i.e Welcome Lounge, ClubNX, etc.), Staff-picked rooms, room bundles and the latest game/quest rooms.

Popular: In this tab, you will see a list of various rooms and the categories they fall under.

Events: This tab shows a list of various rooms that have promoted events and the categories they fall under.

My World: Here, you will find your rooms, your favorite rooms and your room history. This window also has a button that will take you to the room where most of your friends are at that point in time.

Search: Here you can search for rooms by owner or name.


Why is it obligatory to choose a category for my room?

We wanted to make searching and promoting rooms easier by making the category system to work the same way for all the users. 


Promote your room by organizing an event!

Rooms can be promoted by organising an event. Create your own event by opening the information window of the room in which you intend to host the event. You can describe your event by writing a short description when creating it. Events are automatically categorised in the Navigator by the category of the room they’re hosted in. The maximum length of an event is one week.


Why doesn’t my room have a thumbnail in the Navigator?

At the moment, the Navigator doesn’t display room thumbnails. This may change in the future if we implement a camera feature.




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