What is Wired Furni?

What is wired furni?

Wired furni allows you to make your furni do almost anything. You just have to learn how to use triggers, effects and conditions. For example, you can make a door open with the flip of a switch, move a globe by pressing on a tile, or set a password on a divider that only you and your friends know.

How do the wired furni work?

You will need three types of wired furni:

  • Triggers: Things you need to do, to make an Effect happen.
  •  Effects: Things that happen, after you activate a Trigger.
  •  Conditions (optional): The conditions that need to exist, before the Trigger works.

Each of these can be programmed separately by double clicking on them. Depending on which trigger, effect or condition you program, you can then select things like which furni will be affected, which words are used to control the trigger, which direction the furni will move to, and many, many more. Triggers, effects and conditions work with any kind of furni.

To make the wired furni work, you will always have to stack triggers, effects and (if you want) a condition together. They will then work as a team.

So for example, if you want to make a door that opens when pressing a pressure plate, you will need to set up a trigger for the pressure plate, an effect that opens up the door. You then need to stack this trigger and effect together.


What is a Trigger?

Triggers let you define what needs to happen for an Effect to take place. To program a Trigger, place it in a room, double click on it and set it up! You need to stack an Effect with the Trigger to make it work.


What is an Effect?

Effects are what happens after you activate a Trigger. To program an Effect, place it in your room, double click on it and set it up! You will always need to stack a Trigger with the Effect to make it work.


What is a Condition?

Conditions are certain criteria that need to be met for a Trigger to be activated. If you want to use a Condition, you will need to stack it with a Trigger and Effect.


How do I know which wired furni does what?

In the Shop, you can click on each of the wired furni to see exactly what the triggers are, what effect can be achieved and which conditions you can set up.


What can I make with Wired?

The possibilities are almost unlimited! You can make simple things like a door that opens only if you know the password, a welcoming message that pops up when others enter the room or a lamp that's operated with a switch.

You can also make very elaborate obstacle courses with barriers that are operated with Pressure Plates, as well as various booby-trap and various sneaky puzzles your friends will have to solve. It's also possible to create your own games, with moving furni being controlled by arrow plates. And that's just some of the uses for Wired. We're sure that you will think up functionalities of your own to make your rooms extra special.


My Wired Furni doesn't work the way it should! What's the deal?

Make sure you always STACK the wired furni together, otherwise they won't work. To program the furni you need to double click on the triggers, effects or conditions. Check the programming to see which furni you've selected and which functionalities you've chosen. Follow the steps closely to make the functionalities work properly.


My Switches and Plates aren't working. What's wrong?

Switches and plates, like any other furni, don't do anything by themselves. To set up a functionality you will always need at least one trigger and one effect furni to make something happen.


Can you trade Wired Furni?

Triggers, Effects and Conditions are all untradeable and can't be recycled. The Add-ons can be traded.


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