What is Habbo Club?

Read about how it all works, and about all the different benefits you get as a Habbo Club member.


What is Habbo Club?

Habbo Club (also known as HC) is a special club you can join to get access to more clothing styles, exclusive room designs, more space on your friends list and lots more. You can join directly from the Habbo Club section in the shop. 

You can get different lengths of membership from the website and te in-game Shop’s premium section.


What are the benefits of Habbo Club?

  • Monthly credits paid with HC Payday
  • Exclusive hair + clothing styles
  • Exclusive HC clothing colour palette
  • FREE HC gifts
  • Earn twice the amount of Duckets
  • Wardrobe tool to save your outfits
  • Double your friends list (up to 1100!)
  • Additional dances, chat bubbles and actions
  • Create your own groups
  • Coloured chat text (type @red@ in the chat, then type what you want to say and hit enter; same goes for @purple@ @blue@ @cyan@ @green@)
  • Exclusive HC room layouts
  • Ability to join 100 groups instead of 50
  • Exclusive chat bubbles
  • HC Badge.


How does the HC payday work?

HC payday is every month on the 15th. As well as an amount of credits being paid determined by your HC streak, you get 10% of your Shop purchases as credits too. Note that these Catalogue purchases do not include credit furni, HC or BC memberships, Snowstorm or Marketplace purchases. 


Exclusive hairstyles and looks

Habbo Club members can choose from a larger range of hair and clothing styles than non-members. And every style comes with a huge amount of colours! You’ll have a hard time choosing your look.


Exclusive HC furni

Habbo Club members will receive one exclusive furni per month they are a member for. Every month you’re able to select one of the available options from the earnings window. The options may change or be the same as the previous month, but each month you can pick one if you’re a HC member, even the same one again if it's still an option.


More Room designs

As Habbo Club member you’ll have more room layouts to choose from to create awesome private rooms. Don’t worry, if your membership ends, you get to keep your rooms.


How can I see how many days of Habbo Club membership I have left?

Remaining membership time is shown in your purse and in the in-game Shop.


Can I give a friend Habbo Club membership as a gift?

You can buy HC boxes from the in-game Shop’s premium section and then trade them with other Habbos.


If I join Habbo Club in the middle of a month, will I be a member for only half a month?

No, you’ll always be a member for as many days as you purchased from the date you joined.


If I decide to let my Habbo Club membership run out, do I get to keep my Habbo Club hairstyles and looks and rooms?

You won’t get to keep your hairstyles or clothing. Nevertheless, you get to keep the rooms you designed when you were a Habbo Club member as well as the furni you received as Habbo Club gifts.


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