What is crafting?

Crafting is a game mechanic inside Habbo that allows you to create new items from existing ones. If you have the correct items, you will always be able to craft.


What items do I need to craft

As well as a crafting table and the correct items, you will need to know the correct crafting recipe. There are two types of crafting recipes: normal and secret. Normal recipes are visible inside the crafting table window. Secret recipes aren’t visible, and they require you to experiment with different quantities and types of item to discover them. (Note: secret recipes are currently unavailable as they haven’t been implemented in the Modern client yet.)


Crafting tables come in many different forms – make sure to pay attention to the name of the item as it will almost always be labeled clearly as a crafting table. They are only available during specific months. When they’re available you can find them in the Shop. When crafting tables are not available there, you can often find them in the Marketplace. We announce the release of new crafting tables on our website, so make sure you keep an eye on that!


How do I craft an item?

Firstly, you need a crafting table. You can get these from the Shop at specific times of the year (make sure to keep an eye on our website to find out when they are available).

Next, you need ingredients. These are either given out for free, or are available for credits or Duckets from the Shop. Sometimes, you'll also be able to earn more through activities and competitions!

Place your crafting table in your room and double click it to begin. Select which ingredients or recipes you want to use, then click the 'Craft' button.

Note: The crafting table window will only show ingredients that are applicable to that specific crafting table. 

Missing an ingredient? Go to the Marketplace to find it!

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