What is Builders Club?

Read about how Builders Club works, and about all the different benefits you get as a member.

What is Builders Club?

Builders Club (also sometimes referred to as BC) is a membership available inside Habbo. Once you’re a member, you are able to borrow a vast range of furni from the Builders Club Warehouse, use the floor plan editor and access to a whole host of other benefits.

What is the Builders Club Warehouse?

The Builders Club Warehouse is where you are able to borrow a virtually unlimited amount of furni. As well as the vast majority of all the furni we’ve ever created being available, during the holiday periods we also make a range of seasonal furni available. (Furni from past Christmas and Habboween events, for example.)

There is an upper limit on the number of furni you are able to borrow from the Builders Club Warehouse at any one time. This limit can be increased in two ways. Every month, if you remain a member of Builders Club, your furni limit is increased by 250. You can also buy extensions to your furni limit in the furni limits section of the Shop’s premium tab.

What are the benefits of BC membership?

  • Ability to borrow items from the BC Warehouse, including a selction of exclusive furni, alphabet blocks and geometric shape blocks. Ability to allow other Habbos into rooms that use furni borrowed from the BC Warehouse.
  • Ability to save own custom room layouts in floor plan editor, and have visitors in edited rooms.
  • Permanent increases to borrowed BC furni limit.
  • BC member achievement.


Where can I buy BC membership?

You can buy 31 day memberships directly from the website Shop or the in-game Shop for a mixture of diamonds and credits. You can also buy special BC membership boxes in the in-game Shop. These boxes are tradable, and you can sometimes find them being sold by other Habbos on the Marketplace.

How can I see how many days of BC membership I have left?

You can see how much BC membership you have left in your purse, in the in-game Shop and in the BC Warehouse itself. You can also see how many furni you’ve borrowed from the BC Warehouse and your current furni limit inside the BC Warehouse.

Can I give BC membership to other Habbos as a gift?

You can buy BC membership boxes from the in-game Shop’s premium section and trade them to other Habbos. 

If I join BC in the middle of the month, will I only be a member for 15 days?

No, you’ll always be a member for the number of days you paid for from the date you joined.


What happens to my rooms built with BC Warehouse furni after my membership runs out?

If your BC membership runs out, any of the rooms that contain furni borrowed from the BC Warehouse will be locked. Only you will be able to enter these rooms until a) you remove the borrowed items from the room or b) you become a member of Builders Club again.

 What happens to my rooms with edited floor plans after my membership runs out?

If your BC membership runs out, any of the rooms that contain an edited floor plan will be locked. Only you will be able to enter these rooms until a) you reset the floor plan or b) you update your BC membership. Only rooms edited after this rule is imposed are affected.

Will my furni limit reset when my membership runs out?

No, your furni limit will not be affected if you run out of BC membership.


Can I try out Builders Club before I buy a subscription/membership?

Without being a member, you can borrow any furni from BC Warehouse, and you can also try out the floor plan editor. Note that you won’t be able to save your floor plan without becoming a member.

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