Furni Definitions

Please note that these definitions are very broad - some furni fits into more than one category!

  • Catalogue furni: this is furni that is always in the Shop, no matter what time of the year. The purpose of these items is to make sure there is a near-infinite supply of basic building blocks to make nice looking rooms.
  • Campaign furni: this is furni we make for campaigns. For example: Christmas campaigns or the Stranded Jungle campaign. Once a campaign has ended, we avoid selling the furni we made again for 4-12 months in order to leave an ample window for traders to build their businesses around them.
  • Seasonal furni: to celebrate certain holidays (for example Valentine’s Day or Halloween), we re-release old furni lines and bundles from previous campaigns.
  • Rare furni: this is an extremely broad category of furni, but the basic premise behind it is that this type of furni is only available for a limited time and will never be re-released.
  • Rare crackable furni: this is a special type of rare that is bought and then ‘cracked’ to reveal another, random rare furni. There can be many potential furni that result in cracking one of these, and each furni has different probabilities.
  • Rare clothing: clothing that has a red coat hanger is considered rare. Like rare furni, this means that they will never be sold again.
  • LTDs: this is a special type of rare, which comes in limited quantities. You can see how many other LTDs were released from a specific set by clicking on the one you own.
  • Credit furni: this is a type of furni that has a very safe and stable trade value – it is always worth the same amount of credits. For example, a single gold bar will always be worth 50 credits. When you use this gold bar in a trade with another Habbo, it will automatically be changed back into credits.
  • Rare credit furni: this is credit furni that has a specific, stable value but that is only ever released once like a normal rare.
  • Bonus rares: every time a Habbo purchases 120 credits, they are automatically given a Bonus Bag. This bag is a rare 'crackable’ furni (see above) and could contain one of usually six collectible furni.
  • Booster Boxes and Deluxe furni: Booster Boxes usually contain a selection of furni specific to an event or campaign. Each box has a small chance of containing a 'Deluxe' version of one of the furni that is contained inside. All furni contained within Booster Boxes are exclusive to the box they come out of, including Deluxe furni.
  • Bundle exclusives: to make bundles that extra little bit special, a lot of the time we include one or more furni that can only be found in that bundle. Sometimes we put multiples of the same furni inside, and sometimes we put different exclusive furni in. These furni are not considered rare so we may resell the bundle at a later date. We typically only do this when selling the entire bundle with the exclusive furni inside.
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