Hotel Hideaway

Is Hotel Hideaway created and run by Sulake?

Yes! Hotel Hideaway is a game that we have made.


Who is able to download and play Hotel Hideaway?

The Hotel Hideaway app is currently available in most countries. One exception is China.


I don't want to create a Hotel Hideaway account, am I forced to do it to continue playing Habbo?

No. Hideaway is a different game run by Sulake but independent from Habbo. If you are not interested in creating a Hideaway account, you can continue playing Habbo as usual.


How does the launch of Hideaway affect Habbo?

It has absolutely no impact on Habbo. We will continue to work with users to bring fun to the community and we will focus on moving from Flash to a new platform in the near future.


Is Hideaway a new version of Habbo?

No. They are different products with different styles. Hideaway is aimed at a different age group to those allowed to play Habbo (from 17 years old upwards).


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