Daily Gift

What is the daily gift?

The daily gift is something that you can collect once a day via the earnings view for free. It includes things like Duckets.


When is it available?

To avoid issues with time zones, everyone has a personal time when their daily gift becomes available. After you’ve collected your gift, it will become available again 24 hours after it became available the day before. So, if your daily gift became available for you 10 hours ago and you collect it there and then, it’ll next become available for you in 14 hours. Note that there will always be at least a six hour ‘cooldown’ period between collecting gifts. So, if the previous time your daily gift was available was 57 hours ago, you can collect your gift there and then but it’ll be another six hours until you can collect the next one. 


If I skip days, will I get the gifts retroactively?

No; to get the daily gift daily, you need to collect it daily.

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