Initially non-functional items in Habbo 2020

During the transition period and beyond, we will continue working to implement the vast number of features and items Habbo has. Below is a list of items that aren’t functioning in the Modern client at the moment, but which we are planning to implement in the future. Please note that while these items aren’t functioning, none of them will be removed from your rooms.

  • Stickie poles
  • Mini-game systems (snow war, hockey etc.)
  • Camera photo wall items
  • Furni with customisable colours
  • Water floating furni
  • Step-on state switches
  • One-way teleports
  • Lovelocks
  • Trax
  • Effect givers
  • Mannequin furni
  • Fireworks
  • Chatter furni (furni that produce randomised lines of text.)
  • Rentable spaces within rooms
  • Billboards
  • Multi-user reaction furni (furni that changes when more than one Habbo interacts with it.)
  • Furni that produce sound effects
  • In-room embedded videos
  • Cuckoo Clocks
  • Dice
  • Bots


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