Level Progression

What is level progression?

Avatar level measures various activities you can do in Habbo and translates it into a single progression score. It doesn’t restrict your play style or force you to do specific tasks, but it can of course give you some inspiration for what to do in the Hotel. Level progression is likely to be something the more competitive Habbos spend their time on.


What can give me progress points?

Scoring breakdown is shown in the level progress view. Below are the categories of activities that give you progress points:

  • Gaining achievement lev
  • Earning badges.
  • Room hosting: you get points when high-level Habbos visit your room.
  • Owned furni: you get points for different kinds of furni that you own.


How does the math work?

There’s no limit to how much you can earn in each scoring category. For your total score, however, each category gives only as many points as are counted for the total score from the previous categories combined. 


Here’s an example: if you had 20 points from achievements, 5 points from badges and 40 points from owned furni, your total score would be 20 + 5 + 25 = 50 points. This rewards being active and accomplished in multiple categories, as you can’t get to the top by just buying a pile of expensive furni, for example.


Why did my points go down?

If you lose items, e.g. by selling them in the Marketplace or your pet eating food, your furni score may decrease. Even in such a case, you won’t lose the avatar level you have reached.

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