What do I do if parts of the Habbo window are cut off or missing?

If some of the icons, toolbars or other features in the Habbo window are cut off or seem to be missing, try changing your screen's resolution. The resolution may change from computer to computer or laptop to laptop, so it's best to test which resolution works best for you. To do this, please follow the simple directions below.


On a computer with MacOS:

Click the Launchpad button on the bottom toolbar.

Select "System Preferences."

 Select "Display." You can alter your resolution here.


On a PC with Windows 10:

Click the "Start" button on your toolbar.

Select "Settings".

Click on "System".

Click on “Display”.

Then "Display resolution."

Move the cursor along the spectrum from LESS at 800 x 600 pixels to MORE at 1920 x 1200 pixels.


Close out of the window by hitting OK when you have set your preferences to a resolution size that works best for you.

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